Monday, November 16, 2009

The Michael Jackson Cake

When I was a little girl my brother and I were huge Michael Jackson fans. On my brother's 4th birthday his only demand was to get a Michael Jackson cake. My grandmother, who is a wonderful cook, made the Michael cake and my little brother was the happiest kid on the planet. To this day he still talks about it. Just 2 weeks ago I overheard him telling someone about his MJ cake and describing it to them...the problem is, I don't think his description of it was quite accurate. He remembers it looking like the pic of the cake i posted above, I remember it a little differently. But I guess he was only 4 at the time so his grasp on reality wasn't at its highest point. Luckily while I was at my Grandmothers house this weekend I came across a picture of the infamous Michael Jackson cake.......ENJOY!!!!

My brother (age 4) with his MJ shirt

My Brother's Michael Jackson cake!!!! LOL
(my grandmother is the best ever for even trying to do this!!!)


  1. LOL!!!! is that a tail or an extra long arm.......
    Loves it!!!

  2. LMAO!! Hilarious! I know we always over exaggerate when we are kids...I remember how big I used to think my house was but looking at it now, it seems so small lol! @Zion...I was wondering the same thing abt the arm lol!

  3. ummmm helloo!!?? It's MJ. It's a microphone in his hand!!! LOL

  4. lol....that's amazing!!!! XD
    so funny...and you're lil bros is marvellous wearing MJ cute!!!

  5. Too precious! My daughter will be turning 7 in a couple of weeks and has requested an MJ themed cake and party. I was (and remain) a huge admirer of Michael Jackson growing up...I had the poster of him wearing the yellow sweater vest an the glowing white backround... :), anyway, my daughters are now great fans of his and I was looking for some cake design ideas when I came across your posting. Your grandmother's attempt was so awesome it made me smile! The pink cake above with the copied photo gave me some ideas to work with. Thank you!