Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spend the Night?? NO thanks!!!

Here's a little something for the guys. I know that a lot of you don't care about bedding, linens, and things of that nature but women do! THEREFORE the more we like your bed the more we'll like you...MAYBE :) It's time to give up your hand-me-down college furniture and get rid of that old floral spread that grandma gave you and get into the swing of things. (Sorry Granny!!)

**NOTE**Ok I know that we are in a recession so even if you cant get new furniture, update your space with new bedding. Keep it fresh, keep it clean!!! Your girl will thank you!!!

See what I mean!!!
The Ultimate "Don" Bed

For the semi-romantic guy :)
Simple straight forward guy

For the guys guy-
I added this for my friend who likes plaid and the classic American look...take notes honey :)

Ok if you are one of those guys who just has a mattress on the floor, it CAN be really nice if you have nice bedding...this is from Calvin Klein home (Macy's)

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