Saturday, November 14, 2009

Extreme Closet Makeover

Remember how women Ahhhhhhhh'ed in unison as Carie Bradshaw opened the doors to her new closet in the Sex And The City movie, or how we couldn't close our mouths when we saw Mariah Carey's closet (that was the size of 3 apartments) on MTV Cribs? Well more and more celebrities are making their closets into super chic spaces. And although most "regular" women say that the size of the closet is a major factor in choosing a home or apartment we usually never do anything more to them than hang up our clothes. Let us now take a note from our celebrity friends and make our closets into a space that we love no matter what the size. All it takes is a few extra pieces, a little time, and some creativity and viola.....

Here are some of MY tips for Re-Vamping your closet:
1. Add some color- Painting is the easiest way to dramatically change a room. For extra drama stencil on a cool design or hang a super chic wallpaper.
2. Add a chair or ottoman with a contrasting color to the paint or one with a cool print.
3. Instead of settling for builders grade lighting, install a chandelier to give that extra wow factor.
4. Add a fab rug! Animal print anyone!?
5. Color coordinate your clothes and shoes
6. Invest in a Great (and large) floor mirror!
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  1. I am so in love with all of these closets!!!