Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The holiday season is here. Time to get out your highest heels and sparkly dresses. Its a time to give love, give gifts, get gifts and GET Wasted. LOL. This year take a pass on your boring office Christmas party where the most exciting thing that can happen is watching Berry from accounting get loose and serenade every female co-worker while shirtless. And give Ryan Seacrest and his poor Dick Clark impression a rain check this New Years eve. It's time to throw your own super chic holiday party. Here's a few no fail party tips from one of my favorite books "Party Confidential" on how to throw a fab party

Over invite.
No shows and cancellations are bound to happen. Plus people will come late and others will leave early, so when planning your guest list use this rule of thumb: Invite 5 extra people for every 20.

Guest List
Have an interesting mix of people. Everyone wants to see old friends and meet new people, so expand your social circle. Ask your best friends and coworkers to invite friends and acquaintances.

Set a budget
Simply put

Pick a fabulous location.
If you are not having your party at your home, pick a location that people will love, such as an old classic favorite, a hot new bar, or an amazing home that people have been dying to see.

Time it
Give a start and an end time. If you keep the night open ended, people will trickle in all night long. Avoid having a long time frame or you will offset the flow of guest. A four hour party should be enough to give you a nice crowd for at least 3 hours.

Don't forget to have plenty of non-alcholic beverages for the designated drivers and moms-to-be. Also, have ample bottles of water.

Greet guest with a cocktail
Set a server tray near enterance. Creat a signature drink for the evening

Go Mini
Forget the buffet. Maximize comfort by passing bite-sized hors d' oeurves.

Salty and Sweet
A party is no place for a diet. Offer a balance of savory treats

Dress Rehearsal
A week before the party do a run-through so you'll have plenty of time to solve any unexpected problems. Do another run-through the day before the party.

Here is a tip from me: Dont forget the MUSIC: Make a great party mix on your iPod with at least 2 hours of music . Make sure you have a variety of tempos and genres so that everyone will hear something that they like. Hook your iPod up to you stereo, put the iPod on shuffle and you have an instant DJ.

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