Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scarface is DEAD!!!!!

GUYS....If you are not living in a college dorm here's is a bit of advice for you... Scarface is dead!!! so PLEASEEEEEE let the Scarface poster die too. If its one thing that makes me want to go running for the hills when I walk into a guys place, it's that dreaded Scarface poster... You will never be Tony Montana, nor will you be part of the Cuban drug cartel, and if you are a part of the Cuban drug cartel then I really need to get out of here ASAP!!!! Here are some other art trends that grown men need to grow out of! :)

Of course Bob Marley was a musical icon with visions of peace and love, but lets face it, you put this poster up because of that huge puff of smoke. If you wanna honor Bob, buy the album!! :)

This says to me "I don't have any money, but money is all I care about" Lose it please!!!

Mid-Life crisis??

This only belongs in a recording studio

Last but definitely not least EXOTIC ART!!! Yea yea you say its art but all we (women) see are naked chicks! unless its an original painting it really just looks like porn. please lets do without it. LOL

This week I will be posting some interesting art pieces and artist to follow, hopefully you'll be inspired to upgrade :)

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  1. So true! I can't wait to see the art pieces you post...keep up the good work Kellz!