Thursday, April 22, 2010

McDonalds the Crook

This post has nothing to do with the purpose of my blog, but I have this thought so I might as well get it out.
So, I went to McDonald's today and I asked how much the cheese burgers were (they weren't on the drive thru menu) and I was told that they were $1.12 each with tax... so I order 2. I get to the window and the cashier tells me me that m total is $2.25.. I say "don't you mean $2.24? They are $1.12 each right? Where does that other penny come from??" she said that she didn't know. So I'm not one to complain over a penny (a dime maybe) so I paid the the money...BUT it got me thinking....WHAT IF this is McDonalds way of ripping people off!!

According to their website, McDonalds serve 47 million people a day worldwide. If 10% of their customers order 2 cheese burgers a day at 1 penny more than it is supposed to be, then Mcdonalds will make $47,000 a day!!! Thats about $1,410,000 a month, $16,920,000 a year!!! and thats only from 10% of customers...Imagine if they were doing this with all the orders and not just 10%...they would make $169,200,000 a year...WOW! I think I may sue Mc.Donalds for all the times that they may have cheated me and for the mental anguish of just thinking about this.

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