Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Perfume Mania

Ok Ladies...I have been guilty of this myself but sometimes it takes looking at bad design choices of others before you realize your own mistakes. When it comes to perfume, not only do we fall in love with the fragrance but we also fall in love with the bottle. Sometimes, if the price is right, we will buy a bottle of perfume just because the bottle is soooo pretty. So like me, a lot of us have a collection of old dusty bottles sitting on our dressers or bathroom counters that are looking grosser and grosser every day. With that said here are some tips on how to display your bottles and a few ways to re-purpose them.

1. CLEAN YOUR BOTTLES - Clean the outside with hot soapy water or window cleaner until they sparkle. For the inside, if needed, soak the bottle with warm water and vinegar or lemon juice to remove the old perfume smell. If there is gunk on the inside of the bottle that needs to be cleaned out, fill about 3/4 way full with CLR or other lime-eating cleaning solutions and shake well...you may have to add a small metal or glass bead to really get the grime out and continue to shake until it comes clean (rinse inside with rubbing alcohol followed by hot water to remove all traces of cleaning solution- allow to dry).

2. DISPLAY ON A MIRRORED TRAY- Set bottles on a mirrored tray with smaller bottles in front and larger bottles towards the back. Leave at least a half inch between the bottles so that light can reflect up from the mirror onto the bottles. If possible, direct a light onto the mirror to get the maximum amount of sparkle. (Don't over-crowd, it will just look like clutter. Put some bottles away and switch them out every so often)

3. DISPLAY NEATLY ON A WALL SHELF- If you don't have the counter space. (Remember don't over-crowd).

4. USE AS A FLOWER BUD VASE- Clean bottle, fill with water and place single buds or leaf into bottle. These look great on a bedside table, a window sill, or as a part of a centerpiece for an afternoon brunch. They can be used alone or grouped together as seen below.

5. ADD A PUMP- Change the spray nozzle out for a pump and add hand soap or hand lotion. Looks beautiful on the kitchen or bathroom counter.

6. ROOM DIFFUSER- Remove nozzle and add wooden skewers to create a room diffuser

7. ADD HOMEMADE PERFUME OR ROOM FRAGRANCE- clean out old fragrance and use bottle for your own creation, or add a room fragrance and mist around your house, or on upholstered furniture.

There is another idea I have but I want to try it before I post... It will be a part of my Christmas series. If I forget please remind me.

For info on how to remove perfume spray nozzles click here.

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