Thursday, November 12, 2009


I finally figured it out!!... well kinda. After 8 long years in the music industry I was presented with an unexpected and very unwanted break when the company that I worked so hard for just fell apart. NOW WHAT? After a few long months of sitting, waiting, and trying to find a new music home I found that although I enjoyed my previous career in the industry, it wasn't what I loved. It all hit me as I was sitting at home clearing out some of my old magazines and I realized that I'd never subscribed to Vibe, Source, Billboard, or XXL. I did read them on occasion, but it was usually work related or to get a little bit of gossip. I did however have subscriptions to Domino (R.I.P), BHG, House Beautiful, and Elle Decor, just to name a few, that I couldn't wait to pull out of the mailbox each month. This was it!! This is what I'm supposed to be doing! I knew that I had always liked interior design, but always looked at it as a hobby. Now was the time to do what made me the happiest and finally put my art degree from GSU to use (See Mom, I didn't waste all that money after all!). Right then and there I decided to go back to school and get more formal training in interior design/decorating so I scraped up every dollar I had (even borrowed some) and enrolled in Georgia Perimeter College's continuing education program which I completed in August 09. What started out as a pretty bad time in my life turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened. If I hadn't lost that job, I would have never gone back to school and I wouldn't have had the courage to try to start my own company doing something that I love.
I'll have to admit it was scary to start fresh and to be on my own but its sooooooo worth it :)

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  1. I'm soooooooooooo HAPPY for you and PROUD of you!!!!!!!!!! I will keep tuning in to see your new posts! Keep it up Kellz!!!!